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 +====== Broom, The Bonny Bonny Broom ======
 +Four couple longways, F Major, 2/2
 +The Dancing Master•, 1st Ed. (Playford), 1651. 
 +The Playford Ball, Kate Van Winkle Keller and Genevieve Shimer (CDSS), 1994. 
 +New "​B"​ music by Phil Merrill.
 +<​code> ​
 +Part I
 + A1 1-4  Partners lead up a double and back.
 +    5-8  With top two couples facing up and bottom two couples facing down, end dancers, ​
 +        followed by neighbors, cast through nearest middle place and lead back to original ​
 +        places all ending facing down.
 +      ​
 + A2 1-4  Partners lead down a double and back.
 +    5-8  Cast and lead to places as in Al.
 + B1 1-8 1st and 3rd couples face each other, dance forward a double to meet and fall back, 
 +          then circle four once around.
 +          ​
 + B2 1-8  2nd and 4th couples the same.
 +Part II
 + A1,2 1-16 Partners side (Cecil Sharp style);
 +           set and turn single. That again.
 + ​B1 ​  ​1-2 ​   Simultaneously,​ top two men and top two women two- hand turn halfway.
 +      3-4   ​Bottom two men and women the same.
 +      5-8 All set to partners and turn single.
 + ​B2 ​  1-8 Repeat B1 to original place.
 +Part III
 + ​A1 ​ 1-16 Partners arm right;
 +         set and turn single. That again, arm- ing left.
 + ​B1 ​ 1-4  End couples with partner and middle couples with neighbor, lead out a double ​
 +         from the center of the set, change hands and lead back.
 +        ​
 +     ​5-8 ​ Circle eight halfway.
 +    ​
 + ​B2 ​ 1-8  Repeat B1 to original place.</​code>​
 +Part I, A1
 +At the end of bar 4, the bottom two couples turn towards partners and face down to start 
 +the cast and lead in bar 5.
 +Part I, B1 and B2
 +As the 1st and 3rd couples (2nd and 4th couples in B2) meet, the couple in second place 
 +(third place in B2) must step back out of the way.
 +Part III
 +In this quiet dance, the last figure, in Part III, is known as "the burst"​!
 +A calm dance more about control and timing than anything else. Fairly simple and easy 
 +to learn, it provides dancers the opportunity to dance precisely to the music. T
 +he signature is in the third part, where everyone leads away from the set, and 
 +returns just in time to start the circle. The timeless tune is known to folk music 
 +lovers everywhere.
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