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 +BONNIE BREAST KNOT (SOMERSET AND DEVON) (Long ways, triple minor)
 +   A1 1st W fig. 8 around 2nd C, while 1 M dances clockwise around
 +   them, polka step, giving R hands to pass at beginning. Woman going
 +   ​between second C to begin.
 +   A2 Reverse roles, L hand pass to begin
 +   B1 1st C lead down, 2nd C follow, back with polka step, 1st C going
 +      under arch made by 2nd C
 +   B2 1st and 2nd C swing round eachother, 1.5 times to progress ballroom
 +      hold or crossed hands, polka step</​code>​
 +BONNIE BREAST KNOT (SUSSEX) (Long duple, 4 or 5 couples)
 +   A1 1st C lead between 2nd and 3rd W, cast off lead between 2nd and 3rd M,
 +   ​A2 ​ into lines of 3 across dance
 +   B Balance 4 times (on L,R,L,R), 1st C move into 2nd place on sides, ​
 +     ​repeat balance on own side.
 +   A1 1st C arm R, L with 1st corner, partner R, L with 2nd corner
 +   A2
 +   B 1st C lead down and back to 2nd place (3rd place for 3 couple dance)
 +     All swing</​code>​
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