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 +   The Bishop ​  as reconstructed in "The Playford Ball"
 +         Tune "Miss Dolland'​s Delight"​
 +   A1 1-2 Starting with right foot, 1st man cast down to second place, ​
 +          2nd man moving up. 
 +      3-8 1st man set forward to 3rd woman (who does not set}, 
 +          and turn her two-hands (5-8). ​
 +   A2 1-8 1st woman the same to 3rd man, 2nd woman moving up. 
 +   B1 1-4 3rd couple, at bottom, gipsy while 1st couple, now in middle place,
 +          turn with neighbor at top using inside hands, 1st couple moving
 +          forward, 2nd couple backing up, pivoting around the point between them.
 +      5-8 Circle six-hands half-way around. ​
 +   B2 1-4 Repeat B1, 1st couple turn with neighbor above while 2nd 
 +          couple gipsy at bottom. ​
 +      5-8 Circle six-hands half-way around.
 +   From John Garden:
 +   The Bishop midi
 +   ​Thompson’s Compleat Collection, vol.4 (1780), 72.
 +   ​Triple minor
 +   ​A1 ​   With 4 counts The 1st Gent cast off into 2M’s place as he moves up, with 4 counts set to 3W and with 8 counts 2h turn the 3d Lady
 +   ​A2 ​   With 4 counts The 1st Lady cast off into 2W’s place as he moves up, with 4 counts set to 3M and with 8 counts 2h turn the 3d Gent.
 +   ​B1 ​    With 8 counts 1s lead thro’ the top and cast off into 2nd place, then with 8 counts 1s lead thro’ the 2s at top & cast off back into middle.
 +   ​B2 ​    With 8 slip steps hands 6 quite round to the left, and then with another 8 slip steps circle back to the right.
 +   The Bishop in the title was probably the late 18th century dancer, dance teacher and choreographer,​ H.Bishop. According to The Payford Ball:
 +   Mr Bishop was a dancer at the Covent Garden Theatre in 1776 and 1777. He made his debut on November 23 at Covent Garden dancing a ‘new pastoral Dance’ with Miss Tinte, and at his benefit on April 26, 177, he danced a minuet with one of his students
 +   He also wrote and published in 1786 Six New Minuets and Twelve Country Dances.
 +   ​I’ve not seen the need to do as W.S.Porter did in their 1931 reconstruction (followed by PB and Nicholas Broadbridge in his Dance and Danceability - Assembly Players - CD notes) to change the B1 part of this dance to a quick assisted lead through and
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