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Birds Of A Feather

Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett 2011 Duple Minor Longways

  A 1-4    1s begin figure 8 down through 2s
    5-8    1s finish figure 8 while 2s cast up to begin
           figure 8 (it becomes a half double figure 8)
    9-12   2s finish figure 8 while 1s lead down the middle
           and fall back up the outside
    13-16  Neighbors mirror turn on the side (s in and down
           to begin)
  B 1-2    1s begin R-shoulder back to back
    3-4    1s finish R-shoulder back to back while 2s begin
           R-shoulder back to back
    5-6    2s finish R-shoulder back to back while 1s meet
           and lead down between 2s
    7-8    2s follow 1s down the middle (s turn to face up on
           bar 8)
    9-10   1s lead up the middle to home, splitting the 2s,
           who follow them up
    11-12  1s cast to 2nd place while 2s lead up to 1st place

Music: Flights of Fancy by Shira Kammen, 2011

Teaching Points: In A bars 9-12, it's as if the 1s are doing a mirror back to back with neighbors, except that the 2s are doing something else. In B bar 5, it is important that the 1s take the time to meet before leading down.

Ashland, Oregon dancers Marge Maddux and Peter Kreisman often attend our dance testing events. They won a tune/dance at the BACDS English week auction. They are also avid birders.

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