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 +   From John Garden:
 +   ​Barley Mow to the tune for '​Linnen Hall' midi
 +   ​Triple minor longways dance from Thompson, Twenty Four Country Dance, 1779.
 +   A1 With 8 steps 1s hands round 3 with the 2.d Wo. then with another 8 steps 1s the same with 2.d Man
 +   A2 1s cross over & then half figure by going around neighbouring 2, cutting up between the 2s and the casting into progressed position on proper side, then from this middle lead thro' 3s at the bottom & cast up
 +   B1 hands 3 round Man at bottom & W. at top at the same time the Hey the same (1M starts to 3 W while 1W starts to 2M)
 +   B2 hands 6 half round & back again allemand half round and back again (as this seems a little busy I might stay with the Apted B2 here, i.e. Hands 6 left and right.)
 +   The Apted editor put this dance to the tune '​Linnen Hall'. The Apted version of the dance differs from that given below by interpreting the' half figure'​ in A2 as the same as a cast, and thus having the 1s improper when leading through and starting the
 +   One reason the Apted editors might have used '​Linnen Hall' for 'The Barley Mow' is that the instructions for the dance which Thompson had originally go with '​Linnen Hall' are a little confusing, as it requires either a 3 part tune or a tedious repeatin
 +   A1 Right hands across Left hands back again
 +   A2 lead down 2 Cu. up again & cast off
 +   B1 turn your Partner with your right hand the same with your left hand
 +   B2 Lead thro' the bottom come up one Cu. lead thro' the top & cast off
 +   ​C1&​2 lead outsides</​code>​
 +  Barley_Mow-Apted-c5-17.mp3 -- traditional form
 +  Barley_Mow-Dndabl16.mp3 -- trad. -- slight preference -- prob keep just this for active set</​code>​
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