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Pat Shaw, Book 1, 1962 - Avoncroft FDG near Bromsgrove

Form: 3 couple set Music: 3 x 32 bar jig

A1 1-4 1stC cross over, lead behind 2ndC, then down between 3rdC,

	3rdC casting up to tuck back in behind 1stC for...
5-8	Single cast from the bottom to invert the lines.

A2 1-8 Repeat for 1stC again. [All home]

B1 1-8 1stC lead down the centre, skip back

	and cast into 2ndC place, they moving up.

B2 1-4 1stM & 1stW separately with couple on their R

	half-hey for 3.
5-8	1stC change ends and half-hey again,
	ending 1stC meet and lead to bottom, 3rdC moving up.

Instructions only in private area: private:Ins_avoncroftp

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