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 +====== Asym Metric ​  ​======
 +Duple minor proper ​  
 +John C. Nash 
 +A1 1st Corners gypsy RS then 2H turn clockwise,
 + while 2nd corners orbit counter clockwise round the outside
 + back to place, then turn single R
 +A2 2nd Corners gypsy LS then 2H turn counter-clockwise (i.e.,R),
 + while 2nd corners orbit clockwise then turn single L
 +B1 All set R and L away from center of minor set, then
 + All set R and L toward the center of minor set, then
 + Turn Single AND move 1 place round clockwise.
 + Now have
 + M2 M1
 + W2 W1
 +B2 Hands 4 half way, Turn single L, then
 + Orig 2nd corners cross hole in the wall Left Shoulder
 + The end movement is intended to emphasize the 1st lady's role.
 + The LS cross makes it easier to go outside for the orbit on next
 + round.
 +Notes: Dance may make some dancers dizzy, as it has a lot of turning.
 +Suggested music: Under the Birches (Bare Necessities:​ Invitation to the Waltz CD)
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