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-Another Nancy'​s Fancyor The Long Staff+====== ​Another Nancy'​s Fancy ====== 
 +or The Long Staff
-Longways Duple 36 bar triple time A10A10BB own tune +Longways Duple 36 bar triple time A10A10BB own tune\\ 
-Pat Shaw, Pinewoods, 1976 +Pat Shaw, Pinewoods, 1976\\ 
-Source: TW010202+Source: TW010202\\
 [[private:​another_nancys_fancy|Private Another Nancy'​s Fancy]] [[private:​another_nancys_fancy|Private Another Nancy'​s Fancy]]
-Recording: {{ :​music:​ | Another Nancy'​s Fancy}}+Recording: {{ :​music:​ | Another Nancy'​s Fancy}}\\ 
 +{{ ::​music:​ |}}
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