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 +  A1  12   First couple lead through second and cast to place.
 +  A2  12   ​Second couple lead through first and cast to place.
 +  B1  12   Hands four half-way, fall slightly back with neighbor,​partners
 +           ​change places.
 +  B2  12   ​Double figure-eight (first couple start up, second couple ​
 +           ​casting ​  ​down).</​code>​
 +ANNA MARIA (Fall5 1781) 3 couple
 +  A1 lst Man set twice (advance and retire) to partner, turn 2 hands
 +  A2 1st C lead down and up, crossing at the top to cast to 2nd place
 +     on wrong side.
 +  B1 Hands on side, foot it
 +  B2 All turn once R hand with partner
 +     2nd and 3rd C. turn left hand, while 1st couple cast and turn
 +     half way, L hand in 3rd place (3rd couple move up as they turn</​code>​
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