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 +An Early Frost
 +Longways duple minor
 +Dance by Philippe Callens, 2000
 +Tune: "​Midwinter Blossom"​ by Bob Pasquarello,​ 1989, 3/4, E minor
 +Source: Belgian Boutades (Philippe Callens, AADS, 2002)
 +A         Men turn single R; turn partner R-hand halfway; Women turn single L; turn partner L-hand halfway. All turn single R; star by R once round; Cross R-shoulder with neighbor (up and down).
 +B         Set to partner and cross by R-shoulder (as in "Hole in the Wall"​);​ Circle four L once round; flow into half pousette clockwise. 1s cross and go below while 2s 2-hand turn halfway and take two side-steps up the center.
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