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 Music: Golden Trout Waltz by Shira Kammen, 2010 Music: Golden Trout Waltz by Shira Kammen, 2010
-Teaching Points: 
-The partner turns in A2 should not be for a specified distance-go as far as the music allows as long as you end home. 
-You could also do this dance as a large circle mixer. 
-For Dave Bartley, in thanks for the many tunes he written for us to use for dances, his wonderful playing on our Impropriety CDs, and his overall good spirit. 
 Source: Impropriety Volume IV\\ Source: Impropriety Volume IV\\
 Sticker Number: OECDC 2016 - 10 (CD: -9) Sticker Number: OECDC 2016 - 10 (CD: -9)
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