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 +Accord for Pinewoods
 +Music: Tom Siess, recording on New Friends CD
 +Dance: Gary Roodman
 +Longways 3 couples
 +   ​A1 ​ 1-8   Up a double and back; S&TS
 +   ​A2 ​ 1-8   Down a double and back; S&TS
 +   ​B1 ​ 1-4   M1 lead men behind women; women wait 2 beats and move into partner'​s place turning R
 +       ​5-8 ​  W1 lead women behind men; men as per women above (lines inverted, proper)
 +       ​9-12 ​ Hands 6 half way, fall back if time
 +      13-16  Turn partner 1/2 RH and TS left
 +   ​B2 ​ 1-8   (2 Jack's Maggot heys)
 +             W1 between M1 and M2 L shoulder, M3 between W2 and W3 L shoulder, into
 +       ​9-12 ​ Same sets of 3, RH across until W1 and M3 in middle of set
 +      13-16  W1 and M3 pass left in middle and turn L onto end of own lines while
 +             W2 and W3 cast L moving up and M1 and M2 cast L moving down (one place)
 +   Part 2 uses Side R, S&TS, Side L, S&TS then same B
 +   Part 3 uses Arm R,  S&TS, Arm L, S&TS then same B</​code>​
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