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 The bootable ISO file is located on this server at [[http://​​main/​live-image/​DMaster.iso | http://​​main/​live-image/​DMaster.iso]] The bootable ISO file is located on this server at [[http://​​main/​live-image/​DMaster.iso | http://​​main/​live-image/​DMaster.iso]]
 +To use the live-USB, download the ISO file. It can actually be "​burned"​ to a DVD (the file is just
 +a little too large for a CD), then "​booted"​ on a machine with a drive attached (even an external
 +one). Typically you need to hit F12 or some other key right after switching on to be able to select
 +the CD/DVD drive as the source.
 +To put the system on a USB, I have used Unetbootin software, but there are a number of others. All
 +have their fans and detractors. I was able to load the USB (formatted FAT32), then use gparted to
 +shrink the DanceBox partition (I labelled it when formatting) to about 1 GB. Then I created a second
 +partition (also FAT32) called DMusic and copied dance instructions (plain .txt) and music (.mp3) in
 +that partition. I did not copy music into the DanceBox partition where there is just 1 sample ​
 +text and 1 sample music file.
 +All this is relatively straightforward for someone used to formatting and managing disks and storage
 +devices. However, I fully expect to hear from others by email (nashjc _at_ --- //​[[nashjc]] 2016/06/24 14:43//
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