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 Ribbon Dance (novelty)  Ribbon Dance (novelty)
 Sapphire Sea (if dancers know dolphin hey) Sapphire Sea (if dancers know dolphin hey)
 +Snow in April
 +Softly Good Tummas (because group knows it)
 +Spaniard, The
 +Stirrup Cup (contra?)
 Take a Dance / Ore Boggy Take a Dance / Ore Boggy
 Trip to Richmond Trip to Richmond
 +Trip to Tunbridge
 +Tunbridge Beauties
 Turning by Threes Turning by Threes
 +Turn of the Tide
 +Tythe Pig
 Upon a Summer'​s Day  Upon a Summer'​s Day
 Well Hall Well Hall
 When Laura Smiles When Laura Smiles
-Young Widow +Wooden Shoes 
 +Yellow Stockings 
 +Young Widow 
 +Zephyrs and Flora
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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