These stats are based on dance lists recorded on the white board at each dance. The lists have been entered into the Playford Wiki Dances we have danced after each dance by dedicated scribes since 2007.

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To see the instructions for dances that are in the Wiki click/tap the dance title in the list.

Since the beginning of the 2016-17 season dancers have identifed dances they like with a "dot". The "votes" in the "Dancers' favorites" is the summation of all the dots against the dance for each time it was danced in the "From" & "To" period.

2022Sep 16Enduring Affections
May 27Jacob Hall
May 06Cuukoo
2020Mar 06Slip it in Easy
Feb 19Laura's Waltz
Feb 14Delia, the Amorous Goddess
Feb 05Chelmsford Assembly
Jan 03Jeanne's Joy
While We Are Together
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