Welcome to Ottawa English Country Dance Club in Canada's capital. We meet September through May weekly in Kanata and twice a month in downtown Ottawa.

Some of the dances we dance are traditional English Country dances, dating from the 17th & 18th centuries. Others
are more modern, some written in the last decade; mostly choreographed in the English Country Dance style, occasionally closer to the Contra style.

Dances range from lively dances that would have been danced at English village celebrations years ago, the kind you might have seen at a Barn Dance, to the elegant dances enjoyed by upper classes such as those seen in Pride and Prejudice and other costume dramas.

Here are some great examples in video (click). As Nigel Kilby, late co-founder of the club, would often say "If you can walk, you can dance".

It is not necessary to bring a partner to any dance but do bring soft soled shoes. No dance experience is required although beginners should, if possible, start at one of our regular Dance Classes. Dress is usually casual although we do host the occasional dress-up events such as the Saturday Ball in our annual 'A Trip to Ottawa' dance weekend.

In consideration of dancers with allergies or sensitivities we request that you do not use perfumes and other strongly-scented products. For occasional pot-luck events avoid the use of nuts.

Upcoming Events


Owing to the pandemic
all dances are cancelled
until futher noitice.

As of today (Nov/27) we are still unable to set a date when we can get back to dancing.

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Notable Dances

Friday Favorites
(this season)

Alice, &
Masquerade Royal

Wednesday Favorites
(this season)

Rain on the Roof, &
Treasure of the Big Woods

New in Ottawa

Slip it in Easy, &
Laura's Waltz

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A Trip to Ottawa - 2019

Videographer ~ Edward Hearn

More videos and phtos from our 10th Trip to Ottawa here...