The Goose And Gridiron

3-cu longways set, 1s and 3s improper

A11 - 41s cross passing left shoulders and cast down into 2nd place, 2s moving up.
5 - 81s half figure eight down through the 3s, who wait, then turn by the left hand halfway in bars 7 and 8.
A21 - 41s lead up to the top, then cast back to 2nd place.
5 - 81s two-hand turn once around, then fall back into a circle of six. Set is now: 2-1-3, 1s improper.
B21 - 8All six circle left, then right. At the end of the phrase, men face woman on their right, women face man on their left (1st man face 2nd woman, 1st woman face 2nd man, 3s face partner).
B21 - 8Five changes of a grand chain for six, thus: right hand (2 bars), left hand (2 bars), then three more changes: right, left, and right (4 bars). Progression: 2-3-1, top and bottom couples improper. Dance two more times.

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Source: Graham Christian, TTO Ball Program

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