Dance Event Statistics

Number of Votes for the Dance - since 2016


248Sapphire Sea
345Masquerade Royale
Well Hall
441Keys to the Cellar
539Jack's Health
637Turn of the Tide
736Honeysuckle Cottage
834Come with Voices Singing
931Mr. Beveridge's Maggot


116Come with Voices Singing
214Rain on the Roof
411Autumn Moon
510Chocolate Round O
Heralds in Love
Treasure of the Big Woods
69Birds of a Feather
Dolphins in the Sound
Elegant Dancer

First Time Danced

2024Jul 12Little Island in the Sea
Jun 21Take this Dance
May 31Adventure at Margate
May 03Jolly Company
Apr 05My Lachaperene
Mar 15Golden Green
Feb 23Cold and Raw
Feb 09Hunt The Squirrel OR Hunt the Squirrel
The Fairy Queen
Jan 12Percolator OR Purculator
Trip to Devonshire
2023Dec 15Raife's Waltz
Dec 01Money in Both Pockets
Oct 20Well Met
Oct 13Volpuri
Sep 08Flora and Phaon OR Flora and Fauna
Aug 25Barcelona
Aug 18Elephant Stair OR Elephant Stairs
Aug 04Graham's Birthday
Salt of the Earth

These ranked lists are based on the evening's dances recorded on the white board at each dance. The lists have been entered into the Playford Wiki Dances we have danced after each dance by dedicated scribes since 2007.

You can see the instructions for a dance (if it is in the Wiki), click/tap the dance title in the list.

Since the beginning of the 2016-17 season, up until Covid shut everything down, dancers identified dances they like with a "dot". The "votes" in the "Dancers' favourites" is the summation of all the dots against the dance for each time it was danced in the period.

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