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next Regular Dance (more...)

starts at 7:30pm on Nov 27th

at the Mlacak Centre

Dance of the Month: Lovely Marion

next Regular Dance (more...)

starts at 7:30pm on Dec 4th

at the Mlacak Centre

Christmas Dance (more...)

with live music by the Playford Players

starts at 7:30pm on Dec 11th

at the Mlacak Centre

There is no dance at Mlacak Centre on Dec 18th

next Advanced Dance (more...)

starts at 7:30pm on Nov 25th

at the Orange Hall

next Advanced Dance (more...)

starts at 7:30pm on Dec 2nd

at the Orange Hall

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Demonstration at Billings

Billings Estate demo 2015
Photographer ~ Edward Hearn

English Country Dance at the Jane Austen Tea held August 23rd at the Billings Estate Museum. Guests, as well as Mr. Darcy and other Austen characters, were invited dance with us.

More information and photos here...

Welcome to Ottawa English Country Dance Club in Canada's capital. We meet September through May weekly in Kanata and twice a month in Westboro. We dance mainly, although not exclusively, traditional English Country dances, many dating from the 17th & 18th centuries.

Dances range from lively dances that would have been danced at English village celebrations years ago, the kind you might have seen at a Barn Dance, to the elegant dances enjoyed by upper classes such as those seen in Pride and Prejudice and other costume dramas.

Here are some great examples in video (click). As Nigel Kilby, late co-founder of the club, would often say "If you can walk, you can dance".

It is not necessary to bring a partner to any dance but do bring soft soled shoes. No dance experience is required although beginners may prefer to start at one of our regular Beginners Classes. Dress is usually casual although we do host the occasional dress-up events such as the Saturday Ball in our annual 'A Trip to Ottawa' dance weekend.

Trip to Ottawa - 2015

Trip To Ottawa 2015
Photographer ~ Eva Sisk

English Country Dancers in period costume taken during our annual dance weekend held this year November 6th to 8th.

More information and photos here....

English Country Dance – Nearby Ottawa

Spencerville English Country Dance

7:00 PM, Every Tuesday
(except July & August)

at Spencerville Town Hall

  • No charge
  • All dances taught and called
  • Beginners welcome
  • No partner necessary
  • Casual dress
  • Please bring soft-soled, low heel shoes

For more information visit: www.spencervilleecd.org

Brad Foster's award party!

The CDSS, Country Dance and Song Society, will present their 2015 Lifetime Contribution Award to Brad Foster (Caller) on October 24,th.

For more information visit:

Toronto English Country Dancers

For bulletins on current and upcoming events (social dances, workshops and special events) or to join the mailing list visit:

Toronto English Country Dance Assembly

Fridays, 6:30-9 pm
Free admission

Regular Caller: Cathy Campbell
with occasional guest callers

Venue: Ralph Thornton Centre
765 Queen Street East
(2 blocks east of Broadview)
2nd floor

For more information email
Maxine Louie maxine.louie@gmail.com